Why Does Your Business Need Clock in Software?

Are you looking for ways to make your growing workforce more accountable for their time? The old method of punch-in cards is ineffective in forcing time accountancy because people can spend their time unproductively, even when they are in the workplace. Deploying clock-in software is a more effective way of forcing time accountancy. This software records work hours accurately because it is on the employee's work computer. So why do you need this modern time accountancy tool in your business? 

Track Time Automatically 

The disadvantage of the old way of punching in a card is losing track of time. After an employee punches their card, they can work at as slow a pace as they want. For example, they may be wasting time taking long toilet breaks. Software for clocking in has the advantage of automatic tracking. It follows all the employee's starts and stops. When the employee logs in, it starts running. If they go for a break, it stops. Even if the employee goes for several day's leave, the clock in the software will pick up where it paused. Automatic tracking makes it very easy to calculate an employee's hours. 

Implement Remote Working 

How do you ensure employees who opt to work from home are fully working on their tasks? Cloud-based clock-in software allows you to follow your employees' progress, wherever they are, by logging in online. Cloud-based software for clocking provides flexibility for both employees and employers. You can access employee timesheets at your convenience. Your employees get the flexibility to work from wherever they are and at their convenient time. In addition, it enables you to use affordable contractors and reduce labor costs.

Reduce Administrative Errors 

Processing timesheets is a tedious exercise, and it can often lead to plenty of errors when you are using manual timesheets or punch-in cards. It is also a constant source of conflict because workers may feel aggrieved when errors occur.  Automated clock-in software produces very clear reports on the different logins and logouts in the system, however short or long. It is easy to see the days, dates, and times that employees were at work. The person doing the payroll will have an easier time generating each employee's reports at the click of a button. This can help eliminate disputes on timesheets.

Institute Productivity Measures 

Timesheets are very useful in assessing the productivity of different employees. You can see who is lagging and who is putting in the work as expected. It will also help you determine the steps you should take to encourage employees who are starting to slack in their work to become more productive. Timesheets can also be useful when implementing a rewards system. 

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