Spotting the Signs of Failing RAM in Your Computer

Many computer owners know enough to turn the computer on and off, connect to the internet, and complete their everyday tasks. Beyond that, anything else going on with the computer is often a bit of a mystery. One of the most common technical issues you might encounter with your computer is bad or failing RAM. Here are some things you should watch for that indicate your computer may need repair due to RAM problems.

Random Computer Freezing

If you're in the middle of doing something on your computer and it freezes without any warning or reason, that's often a sign that there are problems with the computer's RAM. The freezing happens when the RAM fails to respond as it should. In many cases, this is an early sign that your RAM is going bad. You may need to reach out to a computer repair shop to have the RAM replaced. Addressing it before it fails completely can preserve your computer's operation.

FIle Corruption

If you have files that traditionally open without any problems but suddenly give you a corrupt file error when you try to access them, that's a key indication that you have problems with your computer's RAM or potentially the hard drive. Start with your RAM as it is a more affordable repair than the hard drive. Your computer repair technician can also troubleshoot whether the problem is isolated to your RAM or your hard drive through diagnostic testing. 

Blue Screens

The further your computer's RAM deteriorates, the worse your computer will run. Over time, you'll likely experience periodic blue screens that shut your computer down. In most cases, the blue screen will include an error code that tells you what caused it. When your RAM is faulty, it will typically tell you that the blue screen was caused by a RAM error. Once the RAM has deteriorated to this point, you'll need to work with a computer repair service to have it fixed.

Inaccurate RAM Display

Your computer's operating system includes a device manager and hardware detail menu option. That menu should tell you how much RAM your computer has registered as usable. If you know how much RAM your computer is supposed to have, you can check this device detail to see if your computer is registering all of your RAM accurately. If it isn't, you should reach out to a computer repair technician right away to replace the damaged RAM.

These are some of the most important signs of failing RAM in your computer. If you are having trouble with your laptop or desktop, you should reach out to the computer repair technician for more information.

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