Choose A Career For Your Future: Choose Cybersecurity

Let's face it: Criminals are getting smarter. While not far gone are the days of thieves stealing purses in the street and mugging people in the alleyways, there are bigger risks now. Thieves in the past have committed petty crimes and gotten away with a few hundred dollars if they are lucky. Thieves today are committing fraud, stealing information, and cracking security systems to steal millions of dollars in one fell swoop. To combat these crimes, there are thousands of new jobs becoming available for those in the field of cybersecurity.

As with most other college degrees, cybersecurity careers can be achieved in just a few years of rigorous study. What once was a very unique field of study has become commonplace, as hundreds of schools across the country now offer this degree. Companies and individuals alike are searching far and wide for professionals who can protect their information. Here are two reasons why you should start a career in cybersecurity.

1 - Income. Receiving a bachelor's degree is not always the most exciting day of a student's life. For example, many professions in the behavioral science field require a masters degree is necessary in order to make a living wage. This is not the case with cybersecurity. With an entry-level position in cybersecurity, it is possible to make an income that can support a small family. Fortunately for this field, a masters degree can almost guarantee its professionals a six figure salary. Cybersecurity is definitely a career to look into if you are interested in making good money.

2 - Job Security. Another perk of cybersecurity is that there will always be a need for your services. Cybersecurity is a huge field with many different specialties and positions such as security specialist, incident manager, vulnerability accessor, security analyst, and cryptographer, just to name a few. Depending on your interests, you could find look around and find a position that you enjoy and are especially good at, making yourself crucial for any company.

Also, it is only up from here! Technology does not reverse. Now that we have cars and planes, we do not walk across the country to get where we are going. The same is true of technology. Now that we have smart phones, brick phones are basically extinct. From here on out there will always be a need for cyber specialists. Take the time to get a degree that you can really use: Study cybersecurity.  

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