3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Internet Today

It seems like just about everyone, and their mother is on the Internet today, and while you don't need a super fast connection to enjoy basic web browsing, there are more and more services available today that require a faster connection for you to actually enjoy it. If your Internet connection at home is still chugging along at less than 100 Mbps, you might not even be aware of what you are missing. Here are three reasons why you might want to contact a 100 Mbps internet provider today.

1. The Entire World is Live Streaming

In the early days of the Internet, there wasn't a whole lot of video out there. But today, video often seems like it rules over everything. In fact, video on the Internet is now so advanced that people can now broadcast live video of themselves through social media or other outlets like Twitch and YouTube. If you want to get up to date with the streaming revolution without getting slowed down by lag and buffering, you are going to need a faster Internet connection.

2. 4K and Beyond

Even if you are not going watch or broadcast live streams, you can still benefit from another kind of video that is becoming quite popular. More and more Internet sites are now offering content at 4K resolution. This is significantly better looking and more detailed than the 1080p "regular HD" you might be used to. If you want to watch 4K video and whatever comes after that in the future, you are going to need to upgrade your Internet today.

3. Your Family is Growing

If it was just mostly you and your spouse on the Internet before, maybe you didn't need a top-notch Internet connection. But if you now have kids who are getting older, that means there are soon going to be more people trying to go online all at the same time. Your kids, in particular, are likely to be interested in watching live streams, 4K video and all of the other latest advancements even if you are not. Upgrade your Internet today so the whole family can get in on the fun.

If you are still using a slow Internet connection, it might be time to join the 21st century. Today's Internet offers better video content than ever before but you a fast connection to be able to enjoy it. Reach out to your local Internet provider today and see what kind of upgrades they can offer.

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