2 Important Ways To Protect Yourself Against Malware Attacks

Most people own a computer, and many own laptops. As more and more people use these devices, security of data being stored on them and transmitted to websites they use are becoming increasingly important. Perhaps you have faced a malicious attack on your computer at some point. Some people respond to these mishaps by buying new devices. This is not always necessary. In fact, if you are waiting for your computer to show signs it is infected, you may allow it to become vulnerable and cause you more severe consequences such as a destroyed hard drive or identity theft. The following are two things you can do to protect yourself from these types of mishaps.

Exercise caution when using open Wi-Fi connections.

Sometimes thieves and other unsavory individuals use open connections as a way to steal information or infect computers. It is a good idea to use a firewall if you must use an open connection. Ensure that you check with your home Internet provider and verify that you have a closed connection. This type of connection will require a password for others to access it. You may have a closed connection that has a password that is easy to guess. Perhaps you set it up that way to ensure that you did not forget it. Easy passwords such as four numbers and no letters or symbols can be easier to hack. 

Get a security app on shared devices.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they only need to be worried about their computers. If you share files and programs between devices, it is possible for your other devices to also be accessed. For example, if you use files and programs on your computer that are also used on your smartphone or tablet, there is a risk for data breaches. This is because the hackers may already have access to some programs you access. This can be as sophisticated as knowing all of your passwords. They can use the information to access additional information on your other devices. It is even possible for apps that you download to contain malicious spyware and gather your passwords. Refrain from giving apps more permissions than necessary. You may have to manually make these adjustments in the settings of your devices. 

A computer restore professional is a good resource to use if you suspect that you have malware on your computer. They may also be able to retrieve important information from corrupt hard drives. Some of these professionals also service other devices that have been compromised by malware such as tablets and smartphones. 

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