Do I Need iPhone Insurance?

Your iPhone goes everywhere with you, and each adventure you go on exposes it to various risks. You may think that by keeping it attached to your belt that you won't accidentally damage it, but mistakes can be challenging to avoid. Your iPhone might fall into the toilet or someone may snatch it away while you are getting a second coffee at a local coffee shop. Unfortunately, while you can have your cell phone replaced once if it is damaged and you send it back to the manufacturer, you cannot have your iPhone replaced if it suffers water damage or is stolen. Fortunately, you might already be covered by your carrier.

Find Out If Your Homeowner's Insurance Provider Will Cover You

One approach is to simply insure your iPhone with your homeowner's insurance company. Then, you can simply file a claim for the loss or damage of your iPhone. However, make sure that your homeowner's insurance policy does not have restrictions on what it will cover. For example, some homeowner's insurance policies will only cover your phone if you lose it in a fire.

Determine If Your Carrier Provides Insurance

Find out if your carrier already provides you with iPhone insurance. There are a few companies that only provide insurance to carriers and your monthly bill may already be paying for your iPhone insurance. When your phone is damaged and you file a claim to your provider, the insurance company will determine whether they will repair or replace your device. If they choose to repair it, they will ask you to send it through the mail. Otherwise, they will send a replacement that will often be a refurbished phone. If you do not want a refurbished phone, you may choose to seek a separate iPhone insurance policy.

Evaluate Several iPhone Insurance Providers

Another option is to purchase a service that will cover your iPhone for accidental damage. Most programs will allow you to send your iPhone for repairs at a low price. If they are unable to repair it, they will cover the cost of a replacement. When evaluating policies, look for additional services provided, such as credit monitoring, locate services and lock or wipe services. If you intend to retrieve your phone, a locate service can help you track down the thief, which can carry its own risk. Lock and wipe services can prevent the burglar from using your phone and can clean your phone of personal information.

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